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Friday, 20 May 2011 10:16


The Springfield Township Library offers computers to the public for use in accessing the Internet as well as providing wireless Internet for use with personal laptops and computing devices.

Please refer to the Springfield Township Library policy on Internet access for a full explanation of the Library’s philosophy of service regarding the Internet.  Internet users in the Springfield Township Library must abide by this policy.

The following guidelines detail the process of using the Internet computers and wireless signal:

1) Patrons need to sign up at the Circulation Desk before using an Internet computer.  They must show proof of identity with a valid library card, driver’s license, or other valid form of picture identification.  There is no sign up process in order to use the wireless signal.

2) Internet sessions are limited to 30 minutes.  You may sign up for additional time, but must be off the computer for a minimum of 30 minutes before signing up for another session.  If no one is waiting for a computer, you may stay on your assigned station past the initial 30 minute time limit.  Priority may be given to those completing online job applications, online tests, research projects, or homework.

3) The use of library equipment to access material that is illegal, legally obscene, child pornography, or harmful to minors is prohibited.

4) Printing from the Internet computers costs $0.10 per page for black and white printing and $0.25 per page for color printing.  The printers are located on the counter behind the Internet computers.  A printer with scanning capability is also available. You must pay for your copies at the Circulation Desk after you’re done.

5) If you are engaged in any computer activity involving sound, headphones must be used or the volume must be on mute.  Excessive and/or disruptive volume levels are not permitted.

6) Patrons may not insert anything into the computer’s drives other than: 3.5” floppy disks, USB storage drives, compact Flash and other multimedia formats, headphones, or other approved media.  Patrons may not insert any unapproved media.  In addition, external peripherals such as mice, joysticks, printers, keyboards, and others not listed may not be installed or used with library equipment.  Headphones may be purchased at the Circulation Desk for $1.00 a pair. USB flash drives may be purchased at the Circulation Desk for $7.00 each. 

7) The Library will not allow installation of any software of any kind by patrons. This includes (but is not limited to) portable applications, drivers, U3 technology, plug-ins, and music players.

8) Library staff members are available to provide limited assistance in basic Internet use.  Please see posted guidelines for a more detailed explanation of what assistance they are able to give.  The Library offers classes on beginning Internet use at scheduled times and by appointment.

9) Microsoft Office 2003 or 2007 and Adobe Reader are installed on all public internet workstations. Open Office is available on the homework station.

10) Users are responsible for any damage, physical or electronic, they cause to computers.  Parents or legal guardians are responsible for any damage done by their children.

11) It is expected that there be one user for one computer, although exceptions may be made for homework assignments or other collaborative projects.  The Library reserves the right to limit the number of patrons using one Internet computer at a time. 

Any violation of these guidelines or the Library’s policy on Internet use may result in loss of library privileges, immediate expulsion from the library, and/or contact of local authorities as required.  Any attempt to circumvent any aspect of the Library’s network, computer security, and/or user sign up system will result in immediate loss of privilege.

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