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Wednesday, 06 April 2011 13:34

We offer free basic computer classes four times per year (spring, summer, fall, winter).  The classes are all geared toward beginners and focus on basic computer use, basic internet searching, email use, and Microsoft Word.  Register in person at the circulation desk.  You must have (or be able to obtain) a Springfield Township Library card or a valid TLN card.

Computer Basics 1:
How Do I Turn This Thing On?
If you have never touched a computer, this class is for you!  Practice turning the computer off and on.  Learn how to use the mouse along with some basic computer terminology and programs.  Come with questions!  We have a friendly, patient environment.

Computer Basics 2:
What Do I Click Now?
If you can turn on the computer and use the mouse, but not sure what to do next, this class is for you!  Learn to organize files and folders along with saving and retrieving information.  A discussion/demonstration on basic computer maintenance will follow.

Internet Basics:
Have you ever wanted to look information up on the Internet, but weren’t sure where to start?  This class is for you!  We will learn some basic terminology associated with the Internet and do some basic Internet searching.  It is helpful (but not completely vital) to know how to use the mouse for this class.

Email 1:
I Need an Email Address!
Do you need help setting up an email account?  This class is for you.  By the end of this class you will have a working email address and be able to send and receive email messages.

Email 2:
If you use email, but can’t figure out how to send that report or those pictures, then this class is for you.  You should have a working email address (bring the username and password to class so you can login).  The focus of this class is how to send and receive email attachments using your existing email account. 
*(In order to take this class: patrons must either have a working email address already OR be signed up for Email 1)

Microsoft Word 2003 Basics:
Learn the basics of the Microsoft Word 2003 word processing program.  Topics covered include page setup, formatting, inserting visuals, saving and printing.  Students should know how to use the mouse.  We will do an example project that uses what we learn.


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